About Me

 Hi there! My name is Maria. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and have always had an artistic soul. While I attended Georgia State University, I worked in the hospitality industry. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Photography in 2012, I continued working in hospitality. Though the industry can be challenging, my love for it came easily and it paved the road to where I've ended up today. In 2014, I decided it was time to be a bit closer family. Zoey, my amazing dog child, and I packed up and hit the road to Washington D.C.  I continued to flourish in the hospitality industry after moving, but I was longing for something new. Then the woes of COVID-19 hit, effecting my career, it had me rethink what my next move in life was going to be. I realized it was time to pursue my passion in the arts. I now spend my time working with different mediums such as photography, ceramics, stained glass, and jewelry making to create unique pieces to share with the world. 
-And spending lots of quality time with Zoey, of course

Featured in The Washington Post Magazine
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